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According to statistical measurements, the German couples have some time before they seriously say yes to the covenant of life. In this context, the Federal Statistical Office found that the average German groom at the wedding is 33 years old, but the average German bride is around 30 years old. Including future desire to have children, this average age is already quite high compared to previous generations or currently other cultures.

Financing the wedding, is that already affordable?

Financing the wedding, is that already affordable?

When it comes to the professional career of those who want to get married, today, at the age of thirty, they are usually at the very beginning of their professional careers. It is therefore understandable that the spontaneously or longer-planned event and the associated, mostly not insignificant costs are often not easy for those in love to marry. The realistic calculation for the event and possibly many invited relatives and guests can quickly become expensive.

Some have already considered a loan for a wedding, but have not carried the thought out of doubt. At first glance, the decision and decision about the loan for a wedding seems unrealistic. Both the tax benefits, the decision to join a community and certain savings measures that the partners may have had before the marriage as a double burden (renting) support the affordability and decision on the loan for a wedding. Since the economic record of a marriage looks better than before the marriage, the repayment of the loan is easier than before. In addition, the tax advantages compared to being single and living separately are considerable, and so the decision to manage the financing of the big celebration and the wedding through the credit for a wedding seems logical.

Wedding Credit – Already Available?

Wedding Credit - Already Available?

In addition to the bridal outfitters and organizers for the celebrations, banks have also come across the service of offering the sensible loan for a wedding. The bank advisor calculates the desired costs and repayment of the pleasant event together with the customer (provided creditworthiness) at affordable rates, based on the joint budget planning.

Since the event is a social event, everyone will be happy to remember a well-supplied and optimally invested location and celebration.

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