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If you want to get a loan for buying furniture, you can choose between very different loan providers. On the one hand there is the classic option of a bank loan, on the other hand there is also direct financing from the respective furniture store or the supplier of a fully equipped kitchen. Both offers rely on a very different calculation, which is why the borrower should first familiarize themselves with the different calculation bases.

Confusing discounts in the furniture trade

Confusing discounts in the furniture trade

If you want to know whether the credit for buying furniture from a furniture store is really cheap, then you are faced with a comparatively confusing situation at first. The industry has been completely reorganized in recent years and large furniture stores are now dominating. This means that they pull out all the stops so that customers can be won. So hardly anyone pays the actual or advertised list price for the furniture or electrical appliances.

That is why comparing is trump card. It turns out that there are many special offers. These are usually a mixture of discount campaigns, additional services and also 0% campaign financing. If you really want to assess the cost-effectiveness of this campaign, you should ask: How much will the desired facility be cheaper if I don’t need a loan? You can then compare this purchase price difference with the interest that would otherwise arise with a private customer loan.

Credit for buying furniture as a bank loan

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Buying an interior is a decision for an item that is to be used for longer. Therefore, it is best to start the Internet comparison with a medium term and then look for the best provider. Especially during the ongoing low interest rate phase, you could give priority to the following considerations: A low monthly rate enables a better quality of life and a relaxed payment of the loan.

The great advantage of bank credit is that you can choose the furniture store freely and you are not restricted in the choice of furniture at all. So you can combine the furnishings freely, for example without having to pay attention to a minimum order value or minimum financing value of one of the furniture stores.

The loan for buying furniture is a little more complicated to compare and complete than a normal loan. By a clever comparison you can make your home even more comfortable and at the same time get cheap financing.

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