What do you need to do to get a loan?

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In the following text we describe Loan and Credit – a loan company that actually acts as an intermediary in providing payday loans. This company is popular among others in South America. This company guarantees that the first loan will be granted on promotional terms. see http://flyingfishresearch.com for further notes

Its APRC, i.e. the Annual Annual Interest Rate, is to be 0%, so during repayment you will only need to give back the amount of money that was borrowed. Loan and Credit opinions – what do people say? What does this company offer and what is worth knowing? You will learn this from this article – enjoy reading!

Loan and Credit – what do you need to do to get a loan?

Loan and Credit - what do you need to do to get a loan?

Loan and Credit is only a financial intermediary, however, it sets out the detailed conditions for receiving payday pay. They are as follows:

  • you must have a permanent address in Poland;
  • you must have an account with a Polish bank;
  • it is necessary to have a telephone number and e-mail address;
  • you must be a Polish citizen and have a valid ID;
  • should be between 18 and 80 years of age;
  • it is necessary to have unlimited legal capacity;
  • you should earn income from the source you choose.

Verification process – what does it look like?

Loan and Credit is a loan company that does not directly collect data on credit history and does not verify it.

After entering the “Privacy Policy” tab, you can view the companies cooperating with Loan and Credit and find out that they verify the known financial registers in detail. Granting or refusing a loan may depend on the consumer’s history in the following bases:

  • National Debt Register;
  • BIK – Credit Information Bureau;
  • National Bureau of Economic Information;
  • ERIF.

Opinions on Loan and Credit

Opinions on Loan and Credit

The Loan and Credit loan company website is easy to use and very transparent. It is good to know that the homepage says that Loan and Credit does not provide loans. The site is known for having a lot of specific information that can help you learn about the services that this broker offers.

You should also know how Loan and Credit presents its high position among other lenders, and in addition its experience. Loan and Credit’s opinions are mostly positive. This company has an application acceptance rate of 96%, and the loan applications accepted by Loan and Credit are 946 thousand. Almost 100% of customers (more precisely 99.10%) are satisfied with the financial services provided. However, when it comes to the total amount of money that was borrowed, it amounts to nearly USD 2 billion and is still growing.

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